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The Home Project is in the process of establishing a research centre in the highlands of Sweden.


Research and development of a lifestyle that is nourishing for humanity and the planet is the focus.


This will happen in several ways.


1  Continual research into sustainable building practices.

    Locally sourced materials.

    Highest standards of insulation and ventilation.

    Sewerage system that produces compost and methane gas,

    Own energy supply, solar, wind, hydroelectric. (at this stage)

    Ongoing research into building designs that encourages health and creates a        

    nourishing lifestyle.


2  Food production using permaculture practices.


3  Development of Hemp as a source of building material (wood alternative       

    and insulation), cloth and paper.


4  Society, really the most important aspect of it all. The development of a 

    healthy, nourishing lifestyle through creating daily routines based on the  

    the workings of the body, by learning to work with an open heart to life.


5  Retreats and workshops will be held continually (when the pandemic is over)

    as well as conferences, related to uplifting Humanity. This will be the main 

    focus of activity for the centre. 

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